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What Are The Indications Of A Bad Rahu?

Rahu has both positive and negative influences on a person’s life. While positive influences can be identified with certain signs, negative influences too can also be identified.

Below are listed some signs, the presence of which indicates that something is certainly not going well in the life of any person.

Disturbance in a peaceful and happy life

Any disturbance in the peaceful and happy life of a person is a clear indicator that Rahu is certainly not in favor of the person. This disturbance could be both in the personal and professional life of the person and the consequences have to be borne.

Family members fighting on a regular basis

If any sort of confusion and conflict persist in any family on regular basis, it is another indicator that the person is going through a rough patch in life and Rahu is certainly not in favor of that person.

A person suddenly becomes rude and mean

In cases when a person suddenly becomes rude and mean and behaves in an irrational manner both in personal and professional life, it is an indicator that the negative influence of Rahu is at work. Remedial measures should be taken up on an immediate basis in such cases.

When friends turn foes

It sometimes happens that people who have been wishing good for a person suddenly turn arrogant and start behaving in such a manner that it hurts and harms the person. In other words, when friends turn foes, it also means that all is not well in life and the negative effects of Rahu are showing up.

A woman suffers from abortions and miscarriages

In cases when a woman suffers from abortions or miscarriages and this happens on multiple occasions, it can be said that Rahu is showing its negative consequences. When such a situation persists for long, remedial measures need to be taken.

Unexpected financial losses, loss of property

Unexpected financial losses and loss of property can also be attributed to Rahu showing up its negative side. Loss of income and any natural disaster affecting the life of a person directly or indirectly can also be attributed to Rahu showing its negative side.

Vehicle either breaks down regularly or is stolen

People who own vehicles also suffer from negative effects of Rahu in cases when either the vehicle breaks down on a regular basis or gets stolen.

People lose interest in prayers and religion

Rahu also shows its negative influences in cases when a person starts to lose interest in prayers and gets disoriented from the religion in which they believe in.

Certainly, Rahu showing its negative influences does influence a person’s life but remedial measures in consultation with priests can be taken which can certainly nullify these negative influences.

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