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What is the significance of ‘Navamsa Chart’ in Vedic astrology?

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Navamsa chart is considered to be the most important divisional chart. In general, Navamsa refers to nine parts of any Rashi. In this, every asma is known to consist of 3 degrees and 20 minutes. Navamsa chart is used in particular during the prediction of the marriage of the native. In addition, the characteristics of natives and their spouses can also be known through the Navamsa chart.

If a planet is placed in any movable sign, the counting begins from the sign. In any fixed sign the counting begins from 9th. The counting in dual sign begins from the 5th position from where the planet has been placed.

Navamsa in relation to Martial happiness

Navamsa chart is useful in the analysis of the married life of spouses and their role in the growth of the family. Navamsa chart also helps in judging the mental compatibility of a person with their spouse and their capacities and capabilities in life.

The timing of marriage can also be analyzed with the help of the Navamsa chart and if any kind of delay is likely to occur in the marriage, the issues arising can also be tackled.

Significance of Navamsa

· The strength and dignity of the planet, in general, are also determined by the Navamsa chart.

· It might happen that the planet might be placed in a natal chart; however, it will not come up with a positive effect if the scenario in the case of Navamsa is not in favor.

· The strength of yoga is also determined through Navamsa. Among many yoga that has been described by sages, most are formed in the Navamsa chart.

· Navamsa yoga also helps in knowing about the destiny of the native. In other words, if a person is to marry more than once, if the marriage will break, the nature of the spouse towards the native, physical and mental attitude of the spouse and their effect in native’s life would also be known through Navamsa.

· The destiny of the native, the presence or absence of Raj Yoga, destruction of the Raj Yoga if applicable is also known through the Navamsa chart.

· The health of the natives can also be known through the Navamsa chart. If the health of native is going to deteriorate, if it is going to become bad or which planet will lead to the death of native will also be known through the Navamsa chart.

· Information related to Ista Devata of the native can also be known through the Navamsa chart.

· The physical traits of the native can also be known through the Navamsa chart.

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