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Vastu tips for a Factory

Vastu Shastra- the traditional form of architecture. It has its roots originated in India and it translates to the science of architecture. History is the evidence of its widespread use in building and planning temples and houses across the country. The technique is the culmination of traditional Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. It works in a way that it helps to organize the design and structural layouts in such a way that it helps to integrate the architecture with nature. Ancient Vastu Vidya techniques can be traced back to the construction of temples and houses, towns and other buildings built throughout the country.

The factory is the place of wealth and all-round survival of a being. It is not only a place where the owner makes his or her ends meet but also from where other people are getting what they want. The workers in the factory are getting money for the work done by them which helps them to make their ends meet. The goods produced by the factory are consumed by the customers. So, in totality, a factory is an essential part of the world that benefits many people daily.

To ensure that such an important place has the best energies aligned with it, the principles of Vastu Shastra should be kept in mind. While selecting the site for a factory, it should be as per the Vastu guidelines so that it free from any Vastu irregularities.

After the selection of the site for a factory, the following things should be kept in mind to ensure growth and prosperity-:

  • The inclining of floors ought to be towards East, North, and North-East, More open space ought to be left in the East and Northside.

  • Building's tallness can be equivalent in all sides; generally, South and Western sides ought not to be taller when compared with East and North.

  • Indeed, bore well, underground supply, sink, pools; pools and so on ought to be situated in North-East or Eastern zone, ideally between Mid East and North East.

  • Staircases must be in the South West piece of the structure.

  • Overhead water tanks might be raised in South West, South or West. Its stature ought to be more than that of structures tallness in North-East corner.

  • Toilets might be put in the North West or South East. North East and South West corners ought to be free from all these establishments. Toilets are not meant to be in this direction.

  • Gauge extension or gauging machines might be put in North West or Central East.

  • Parking of heavy vehicles like trucks, tractors, trolleys or cranes and so on, ought to be on the streets outside or on the off chance that it is to be inside; they ought to be parked in the southwest zone.

  • Cycles, bikes, autos, light business vehicles can be parked in North West, North East side of structures. North East ought to always free from any parking of vehicles.

  • Yards with large road trees can be created on the South and West sides.

  • Little yards with wellsprings and so forth (without large trees) can be created in North East, North and East too. Here just little plants can be developed.

  • Authoritative and other office squares can be developed in North, East, South or southwest keeping the statures of these structures lower than that of a fundamental industrial facility.

  • Staff quarters might be based on East without contacting East divider, in North, West or South East. Multi celebrated pads might be developed in the South zone without contacting fundamental processing plant building.

  • Staff container might be set in the South East.

  • Watchman Room ought to be set close to entryways in such a profitable position along these lines, that the watchmen can see movement towards people, vehicles and so forth with no obstacle. North East course ought to be evaded for a watchman room or security lodge. For Eastside entryway, the security office ought to be on the South East side of the door, and for Northside entryway, it ought to be on the North Westside.

  • Time office ought to be put close to the entryway for the passage for laborers yet not in the South heading.

  • Heavy plants and hardware ought to be in West, South and southwest zones leaving the North West and South East corners. North East and mid-point of the structure ought to be at a strategic distance from heavy machinery. Light and assistant machines, work supplies, and instruments can be set in Eastern and Northern sides except in North East, North West, and southeast corners.

  • Generator, boilers, stoves, oil terminated or electric heaters, shift gears, capacitors, transformers, control boards, smoke fireplace and so forth all ought to be situated in South East.

  • Crude materials stores might be put in South West, South or West.

  • Semi handled materials can be in the South or West sides.

  • Completed merchandise stores, pressing and sending can be in North West, in East or South East. North West is ideal.

  • Upkeep workshop might be in South, South West keeping away from North East and mid-point. Upkeep and consumable stores ought to be closer to the workshop.

  • A sanctuary (even a little will do) in the North-East corner ought to be fabricated and kept up flawless and clean. No material ought to be stacked here.

  • Toilets in the regulatory structure or different pieces of a processing plant or plant ought to be made in Southeast or Northwest Territory and if a septic tank is to be worked for that reason, it ought to be worked in the middle of North and North West or among East and South East.

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