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Astrology helps common people by giving simple remedies that everyone can follow

Astrology is a great combination of science and wisdom for people who have faith in it. Undoubtedly, astrology has solutions for many of the life problems if it is taken up in true spirit.

Neighbors keep disturbing

At times it happens that neighbors keep disturbing you or the family. They can also spread lies about you. A simple remedy in astrology to get over this problem is to burn 3 candles on the front door every day and say a small prayer where a person asks God to save them from such pain and agony. There is so much goodness in this remedy that the neighbor might end up becoming friends with you.

When a person loses the expensive item

In case a person loses any expensive item they should begin donating sesame seed sweets which have been wrapped in a blue cloth. This donation should be done on Saturdays after sunset.

When a person gets hurt repeatedly due to vehicle

Sometimes a person purchases a vehicle and is always getting repeatedly hurt due to some accidents. In such cases, the person has to take an iron box that has been tightly closed after pouring mustard seed oil in the same. This box should then be kept in the vehicle. It should, however, be ensured that the mustard oil should not spill out of the box.

When the animals at home are dying

When animals at home including fish, ants or any other kind of pets are dying, it is a bad sign. In such cases, Pitra dosh Yagya should be done for 5 years on a regular basis. There would be less chance of peace prevailing in the home otherwise.

Children get ill on a regular basis

In case when children get ill on a regular basis, the nails should be massaged with mustard oil and Mahamrityunjaya jap should be performed.

If a person gets hiccups on a regular basis

If a person gets too many hiccups in day water mixed with honey should be taken a couple of times in a day.

Dogs running after a person

In some cases, it is seen that dogs often run and bark after a person on a regular basis. This happens due to Shani or Ketu being negative. In such cases, the person should tie 7 knots in black thread and the same should be worn around the knee or ankle.

Trying the above-listed remedies will definitely help the person get rid of the problem and their interest and belief in astrology will definitely increase.

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