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What Does Your Horoscope Say About Relationships & Love Life?

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Stuck by the cupid arrow and dreaming of dating your love? Well, there could be distractions waiting for you on the way. Thankfully love horoscope can help in getting past these is fairly easy if you strategically pursue the right course of action.

The beauty of love astrology lies in the fact that it opens new vistas of opportunities for those who believe in it, be it in career, love or any other aspect of life.

The position of 7th House and 7th House Lord

7th house plays a key role when it comes to relationships according to the horoscope. The influence of planets like Moon, Mars, and Venus can help a person in finding the partner of their choice. In cases, when the 7th house does not have any such influence, the condition and position of 7th house lord can come to your rescue.

When the 7th house lord is in any kind of relationship with these planets, the possibility that you could be with the love of your life increases significantly. Moreover, in cases when the 7th lord is placed in 1st, 5th or 12th house, it indicates that you are on the course of marrying someone who is known to you immediately before marriage.

Keep an eye on the Moon

Moon also plays an important role in astrology when it comes to relationships. Moon, when it is under the influence of planets like Mars and Venus, increases the interest level in the person whom we adore.

Knowing and checking the position of the moon for someone looking for a relationship is important as if the moon is placed in 5th, 7th or 12th house chances increase manifold that you will get the love of your life for sure.

Role of Jupiter

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and its position in a horoscope is very important for a lasting relationship especially in the case of a woman. For example, if all the above combinations and placements are present in a horoscope and Jupiter is afflicted then a person might get into a relationship however it may not last long.

These sets of combinations whenever possible in horoscope ensure a successful and lasting relationships. In cases, when any anomalies arise, consulting a Vedic Astrologer will definitely help as they can suggest corrective measures so that you are able to have a lasting relationship

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