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What Is Pitra Dosha?

Pitra Dosha is one of the biggest faults when it comes to faults in astrology. People who suffer from this Dosha have to face a large number of ups and downs in their life.

Below are listed some reasons as to why Pitra Dosha afflicts a person:

:— If a native has debilitated or affiliated sun by malefic planets Rahu and Saturn this results in Pitra – dosh in the Kundli.

:— If moon and sun are debilitated in the fifth house or in the eleventh house and have conjunction with Saturn or Rahu or are aspected by Saturn and Rahu, it also causes Pitra Dosha

:— Another form of Pitra – dosha is when the moon has conjunction with Ketu. This is an inauspicious yoga.

:– When the moon is debilitated and afflicted by Saturn and Rahu.

Pitra – Dosh is generally divided into six parts.

1. Gotra – dosh:– This occurs due to the bad effects of this dosh and the number of people of the same gotra begins facing problems. People of this gotra face problems as not having children or in cases when they have, such children, suffer from health complications.

2. Kuldevi – dosh:—-

Those who do not believe in worshipping God and stop worshipping their traditional lord in the name of superstition suffer from Kuldevi dosha. These people are crushed by their Kuldevi or Kuldevta.

3. Dakini- Shakini dosh:– This dosh is the result of bad deeds done by the male member of the family. If the male member of the family gets into a relationship with another woman and behaves badly with the lady in his life or indulged in domestic violence, this Dosha shows its ill effects.

4. Pret – dosh:– this is a type of Dosha when one gets involved in anti-social activities and lives in an atmosphere of fear. Such people also create disturbance in the family.

5. Akshetrapal – dosh:– This Dosha is formed when native starts cheating and plays with the trust of others.

6. Betal- dosh:– This Dosha creates problems when one is involved in anti-social activities and crimes like assassination.

Prime Causes of Pitra dosh

* Accidental death in the family.

* If one gets adopted.

* Money earned by ancestors through a wrong way.

* If parents of natives have “Kaal – sharp dosh” in their Kundli, native will suffer from Pitra- dosh.

* Father or grandfather of the native has more than one wife.

Symptoms of Pitra -dosh:

*Pitra-dosh results in the unborn babies getting killed in the womb. It also results in more number of girl children being born in the family in comparison to male children.

* Pitra-dosh is harmful to maternal uncles.

* Pitra-dosh affects elder son and younger son more.

* Pitra-dosh results in bad luck and a life full of struggle.

* If parents of natives have “Kaal – sharp dosh” in their Kundli, native will suffer from P- dosh.and minimize its effects. Need to know more around this, just get in touch with our experts.

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