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Which House Does Mars, In General, Gives Good Results Irrespective Of Ascendant?

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Sun is the king of our planets. Mars is known to have the fourth position in our solar system and is often given the status of commandant owing to its courage and power. When Mars is in the ascendant it makes the person look and feel young.

A better understanding of Mars can be made based upon its role in houses it gives the best results irrespective of the ascendant.

Mars in 3rd House

The third house is often considered to be the house of courage and efforts. When Mars is present in the 3rd house, it will bless the native with confidence and courage. The person who has Mars in 3rd house will find their own way of dealing with the challenges of life. The person will always like to gain more knowledge so as to contribute to the society in general.

Mars in 5th House

Mars when present in the 5th house makes the person energetic and full of confidence. When a native has Mars in the 5th house, the native is blessed with lucky children who offer them full support in life. The person will feel proud of children and they will achieve a good high in their career.

Mars in 6th House

When Mars is in the 6th house, it makes the person full of vigor. The person will work to achieve goals that are sometimes beyond their capacity. The person will never hesitate to work harder for any purpose. The person having Mars in the 6th house will also win the confidence of their colleagues and progress in life.

Mars in 9th House

A person having Mars in the 9th house will have a unique and attractive personality. He or she will generally have his own viewpoints and will rarely require the guidance of others. The person will have convincing powers and can always get desired benefits at the workplace. The person will also be fond of long and adventurous journeys.

Mars in 11th House

A person who has Mars in the 11th house will attain success in life and will progress with the help of friends. The person will be strong and daring. The native who has Mars in the 11th house will move ahead in life and attain goals to the best of his or her efforts. When Mars is placed in the 11th house, it is also a good sign of prosperity and comfortable life.

The person will have an understanding that moving ahead in life with the cooperation of others is the mantra for success.

Mars, when placed in the right house, gives numerous benefits to the person. Check out your horoscope and benefit from the good indications that Mars offers.

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