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What happens when Ketu Dasha ends?

Ketu dasha is generally considered to be a bad time and when it ends, people, in general, get a sigh of relief. It is said that pain, suffering, and humiliation comes in loads during Ketu Dasha. When Ketu dasha ends this period is considered to be a dasha santhi period in which a person experiences peace and happiness.

A person usually faces a lot of hardships during the Ketu Dasha in life. A person who would have been fired from the job and is under a lot of financial stress due to Ketu Dasha can experience relief once this dasha ends. The end of Ketu Dasha is usually seen to be accompanied by the arrival of Venus and the person will gain financially and will also see stability coming back in career and life.

Once Ketu Dasha ends it is sure that a person will develop more faith and interest in God. This can be explained with the help of an example. When the Ketu Dasha is at work, a person is always at danger of losing some close relationship. This can happen due to any kind of misunderstanding.

However, when Ketu dasha ends and Venus begins to show its effect the relation can always come back on track. The detachment that a person might have developed during the time of Ketu being active can always turn into a viable attachment and the relation will always become normal.

Moreover, when Ketu is at work, a person is always in danger of losing the job. A similar situation can also occur when a person is doing any kind of business. However, when Ketu dasha ends the situation can always become normal and the person is likely to find a new job or make a new beginning in business.

Ketu is also known to make a person detached from worldly pleasures. Money, relation and career take a backseat when Ketu dasha is at work. However, when Ketu dasha ends a person is likely to become attached to all these worldly pleasures. Money flow will become normal, relations will come back on track and career will make progress. In other words, the end of Ketu dasha brings normalcy in life and the person is likely to live a happy and contented life.

A positive effect of Ketu dasha being in place is that the person is likely to lose any kind of ego. However, with the dasha ending, egoistic behavior is likely to surface back, in case the person has that kind of tendency.

In a nutshell, a person undergoes a lot of emotional and social trauma when Ketu dasha is at work. With Venus showing its effects, stability in life is likely to follow and the person is set to lead a happy life.

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