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Does Navmansh Kundli really work?

The Navman chart is not only the 9th division of natal horoscope but also serves as a negator in some ways which impacts the result of a natal chart. The Navamsa lord chart, in fact, plays a vital role in overall results which can be predicted for any native.

Thus, the Navmansh Kundli has its effect in the form that it either adds or negates or neutralizes the good or bad effect of planetary placements in Lagna or natal chart of any person. The birth of a child at times gets stronger when either Mars, Saturn or Jupiter transits over the 5th house in Navmansh chart. This also helps in overcoming negative tendencies in the Lagna chart, if they are present.

In cases when any kind of affliction is seen in the natal chart like in the case of the lord of the 5th house being debilitated. These, however, get nullified in the Navmansh. Some famous astrologers also attribute the physical appearance of a child more to the contribution of Navmansh than that of a natal chart.

Death has also been attributed to Navmansh Lagna lord in some cases.

Importance of Navmansh or D-9 Chart

Navmansh is also known as Dharmamsa since it deals with the conduct and moral transformation of human beings. Navmansh also depicts the qualities which each planet has owing to past life Sanskaar. This D9 chart is also known as the hidden force which can be considered as a hidden destiny that often shapes up the life of a person.

Navmasha chart or Kundli is important when it comes to knowing the relationship or character of a spouse, married life of a person. Navmansh Kundli also helps in perceiving any relationship be it among families or friends.

Navmansh chart or Kundli can also be used to check the strength and dignity of the planet. Even in cases when the planet is in a weak position in the Lagna chart, it gains strength if the same is well placed in the D-9 chart.

Navmansh Kundli or chart is also considered to be important in cases when it comes to checking out the Mahadasha and Antardasha of any Kundli. The effects of yoga are also checked through the Navmasha chart in the Lagna Kundli.

Navmasha Kundli works and impacts the life of a person. The Mahadasha or Antardasha that would be affecting any Kundli is also calculated with the help of Navmansh Kundli. This in itself explains the relevance of Navmansh Kundli.

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