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What is Chandra-Mangal yoga in Vedic astrology?

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

At times, when some yoga comes together they bestow us with the ability to do things in a better manner. This reflects in the way we are able to conduct ourselves in our daily life. When Mars and Moon come together in a horoscope of any person, it provides the ability to gain wealth to that person.

When this yoga is present, it provides the person with the power of doing a thing in a way no other person can do in a similar situation. In other words, Chandra-Mangal Yoga is a rare combination that gives the person the power and ability that they are able to gain wealth.

Effects of Chandra Mangal Yoga

Chandra Mangal Yoga can be considered as a potential wealth-generating combination. Chandra, in other words, means moon and Mangal are referred to as planet Mars. Chandra Mangal Yoga is formed at a time when Moon and Mars conjoint or aspect each other in the birth chart of a person.

Moon is generally considered to be the planet of happiness, mental strength and wealth. Mars provides the power to a person so that they can work hard to achieve their life’s goals. People who have Chandra- Mangal Yoga are known to prosper and make monetary gains with their efforts in the fields they choose.

Ways in which Chandra Mangal Readings help a person

A person who has Chandra Mangal Yoga can be assured of making wealthy gains in their life. When Chandra Mangal Yoga manifests in a person’s life it results in propelling the fortunes of a person. This depends upon the strength of Moon and Mars in the horoscope. The running of appropriate data which is considered as the Vedic measurement of timing and events also decides the effect of Chandra Mangal combination in a person’s life.

Facts about Chandra Mangal Yoga

There are twelve signs and the same number of houses in the horoscope. Therefore, the possibility of the moon being with Mars in the same house and in the same sign in a horoscope is always one out of twelve. Therefore, Chandra Mangal Yoga occurs in the horoscope of every twelfth person in the world.

As the occurrence of Chandra Mangal Yoga is decided by the presence of Moon with Mars, this yoga once formed will remain active for two and a half days. This happens because none of the two planets will change their position during this time.

This further means that people who are born only during these two and half days will have Chandra Mangal Yoga in their horoscope and thus can consider themselves lucky.

In a nutshell, every aspect of a horoscope should be judged properly before it is evidently concluded that the person might have Chandra Mangal Yoga.

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