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Best & The Worst Position For Venus In Respect Marriage In A Birth Chart For A Virgo Ascendant?

In general, the conjugation of Venus and Saturn is favorable for ascendants. Venus and Saturn when in the ascendant is known to attract the person to other people's wives. For women, when Venus is being aspected by the Sun, it gives anxiety to the parents. However, when Venus is present in the fifth house it gives happiness and prosperity. Such a person will always be loyal to their wife and will have a loving attitude.

When Venus is present in the seventh house it indicates a happy and prosperous life. The native will be blessed with a loving wife and will enjoy a good love life. When a strong Venus does not have a malefic effect, it means that the wife will be wealthy.

Venus in the seventh house is also known to lead to love and affection in relation and this will lead to a happy marriage with the native getting intelligent and loyal wife. The best results by Venus are given for Taurus, Libra, and Pisces.

Venus is also known to rule the sensual impulse. When it is in the seventh house, the natives can go to any position so as to satisfy the sensual desires.

Women who have a good influence on Venus in their horoscope will have wealthy husbands. Venus is known to give happiness and prosperity to women, especially when they are young. When afflicted by Venus, negative feelings like envy, jealousy and anger develop. The relation of natives with the opposite sex will also lead to separation and distance in relations. When Venus is positioned in the ninth house, it will lead to happy and prosperous family life. The native is likely to go for inter-caste marriage with the girl belonging from a priests family.

If Venus is placed in the tenth house, the person can become intimately close to any woman. When Venus is placed in the twelfth house, the person is likely to be involved in a love affair. For women, however, Venus in the twelfth house it means that the lady could go in for early marriage.

However, while Venus could have good and bad effects on a person particularly when it comes to the longevity of the marriage, it is an accepted fact that different factors could lead to change in the effect of Venus on the natives as mentioned above.

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